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Is this a joke?

Are you sure this isn't a joke?

Why "CommuCorp?"
CommuCorp was chosen as the name for the company by simply fusing the words "Communist" and "Corporation" together. CommuCorp has a simple and descriptive name.

Are you a bunch of Communists?
No. We are pure capitalists. Only, we adopt a modified Communist system for the distribution of profits amongst our employees, to assure proper motivation and loyalty to the corporation.

What is "Toothpast?"
A typo for "toothpaste." Toothpast has become the codename for various products in the works, that CommuCorp would sell, should it ever decide to do so. So far, we know it's minty fresh.

How did you come up with the concept for CommuCorp?

Are you absolutely sure this isn't a joke?
Well.. kind of... The CommuCorp theory is one which will one day revolutionalize multinational corporations, or at least the next wave of cooperative human efforts. In the mean time, however, many jokes and "running gags" involving CommuCorp are circulating in an ingenious underground campaign to increase brand awareness. One such example of this is the "Annual CommuCorp Award for Ingenuity in Writing" as well as the speculation into the product known only as "Toothpast."

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