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§  The Searian 
       Welcome to the home page of the Searian Project. This website is yet another of my pet projects that I have devised to keep myself busy. I am not exactly sure if I know the direction this site will take, but I have a few ideas. Right now this site is in the development phase, but be sure to check back soon!.. eventually.. never. (Note: If you somehow came to this page and don't see the navigation frame, click Here. If you already have the frame, you'll get another one, free of charge!)
12/10/2002 - Well, for a closed down site, I've sure made a whole lot of changes. I altered the nav window on the left to look a bit more spiffy, inspired by the still as of yet unpublished layout for the SOS. Actually, I seem to be backing up various school assignments I'm unwilling to entrust to a floppy disc alone. Hence, the incomplete True Tyranny paper and the still needs polishing Don't Read this Paper paper. Fmeh, this site will probably stay up in some form or another, only because of my upcoming project (read as: I may do it, I may forget to do it) entitled "Evolution of a Webmaster: From Newbie, to not so Newbie." Okay, so I'm still working on the title (hence the lack of progress in other parts of the project.)

11/28/2002 - Goodbye. It's been a year and three days since I made a testing ground for my various bits of code and scripts. In the mean time, I've used this place to dump various bits or writing etc, due to the need for hashing out the architecture for web content. Now that I've been able to do this, there is no longer much of a reason to continue working on this site. As such, I'll move on to my next project, which promises to actually involve realy and interesting content. I may still use this place for more code testing.. I'll link to my next project in a bit.

11/03/2002 - The Gallerium now exists. I wasn't planning on having a page to dump image files on, but a certain screenshot I wanted to show off brought me to the realization I needed to create such a page. So now it exists. I've also added more non-content to HTMLness and The Compository. So this website has almost been around a year, and like all the others, I still have yet to find a direction I'm willing to commit to. Maybe I'll decide by the one year anniversary.

10/15/2002 - The Compository is up and running. This is nothing more than an index of some old writings and the like from various sources which I had a hand in. Also, minor tweaks to design and code have been made. More importantly, HTMLness has a new page you may want to check out; a spoof of Yahoo! Geocities which can be found here as well.

08/29/2002 - HTMLness added. I like to mess around with code and scripts, for the sake of making stupid pages. Here is where I'll store some of the more notables.

08/12/2002 - Blank Page added. Don't ask. If you have to, go here.

08/05/2002 - How do I do it? I have updated again, still with no content! Not only has the blog I was working on fallen into a laziness induced stupor of sorts, but I've managed to change the site in a totally non meaningful way. Now, should any of you be insane enough to add me to your favorites bookmark list, you'll be trated to a lovely customized icon representing this website. If you're one of those really creepy people who would create a shortcut to this webpage on your desktop, or stick it in your toolbar, you will also be treated to that same, meaningful, and deep icon.

06/28/2002 - Another update of little to no relevance! I have now joined in on the phenomena known as "blogging," but as seems to be my theme whenever dealing with this website, am doing so in a rather old fashion sort of way. This won't be my online journal or any such nonsense, but will rather stay true to the original purpose of blogging and be my little voice about what's good (and not so good) on the web. It also seems I may need to come up with a news archive of some sort pretty soon, as pathetic as that may be.

06/18/2002 - Amuse yourself with a random quotes script I snagged and altered to provide some sort of minor bit of content. Refresh the page and be amazed as a new piece of wisdom or stupidity appears. (Most likely the latter.)

04/25/2002 - Okay, I've been tinkering a bit with the look of the site, but haven't really accomplished anything notable. The computer i was working with only recently got back, so I'm busy trying to get all my things in order again.

11/27/2001 - The Guestbook has been added to the page. No need to sign up to sign it.

11/26/2001 - The Message board service and chat room are now both active. Check on the nav bar to the left. They should both pop into a new screen if you click on them. Stop by and leave a message on the boards! As for the chat room, it isn't all that great of an applet, but I plan on making use of it later. The only hitch is, that if you want to use them, you have to have a Tripod ID. It's free, so go ahead and get yourself one.

11/25/2001 - This website has been brought into existence.

© 2001, 2002, 2003 Sean Duffy

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